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Payment Methods

Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry accepts the following methods of payment: cash, personal checks, money orders, traveler's checks, cashier's checks, wire transfers, MasterCard and Visa cards.

Check Information

Please make checks payable to: Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry

Our mailing address is:

Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry
11511 Katy Fwy, #500
Houston, TX 77079
Phone: (281) 870-1300

Wire Transfer Information

The following information should be provided to your bank for a wire transfer. Please note there are differences between international and domestic wire transfer.

Receiving Bank Information

Domestic Wire Transfer

Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
Bank Address: 400 Mason Road South
Katy TX 77450
Bank Routing #: 111000614

International Wire Transfer

Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
Bank Address: 400 Mason Road South
Katy TX 77450
Swift Code: CHASUS33
Bank Routing #: 111000614

Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry Account Information

Account Name: Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry
LOMC Address: 11511 Katy Freeway, #500
Houston, TX 77079
(281) 870-1300

Please contact Law Offices of Misbah Chaudhry for account number if you like to make a wire transfer.

Credit Card Information

We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. You can choose to pay via phone, fax or in person.

Our Immigration law firm is dedicated to answer the concerns and questions of its clients, and other personnel, who are seeking help in the Immigration matter.

Our Firm provides you with telephone, Skype videoconference, e-mail, or in-person consultations, all by appointment only. Specifically, each consultation will provide the client with a one-time 30 minute personalized time to discuss the case/matter in detail. More time is required if the attorney will be reviewing the documents related to your case. If you need the attorney to review any documents during the consultation like deportation order, denial notice, criminal records, etc., please scan/email them to or fax them to us at 281-840-6886 at least 30 minutes before the scheduled consultation. Extensive criminal matters and more than 5 pages of documents will usually require a $250 research and analysis fee. The attorney will inform you of this in the consultation and you can decide whether to proceed.

We offer you the opportunity to pay online for your legal consultation by debit or credit card or by bank deposit. In-person consultations can pay by cash or check or online beforehand. Contact the firm to set up an appointment at (281) 870-1300, (281) 870-1302 or email

1. Pay for Consultation Online, you can pay through credit/debit card, choose the amount, OR you can also mail a check, pay our Chase bank account, or bring in cash.

If you retain the firm within a month of the consultation, we credit you the consultation fee to your legal fee.

2. Schedule a Consultation by phone 281-870-1300, or by email

If you are outside the US, and need help finding a good time for a consultation, review this website for suggestions: For Skype video-conference consultations, after scheduling a consultation, you may contact attorney Misbah Chaudhry at Skype user account: misbahchaudhry11511. You can sign up for a Skype account free at With a Skype account, computer (webcam/speakers/microphone usually included) and internet, you can have a consultation in the comfort of your home or during your lunch break regardless of your location. We are here to answer your questions and concerns about your Immigration matters.

Disclaimer: This mode of communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Kindly do not send time sensitive, and Confidential through this mode of communication. If you do not hear back from the firm within 48 business hours, please call to confirm consultation scheduling. The consultation does not constitute retention of the attorney to work on your case. If you wish to hire the firm, you will need to sign a contract after the consultation. Thank you.