• EB-1-1 - Persons of Extraordinary Ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, education, or business
  • EB-1-2 - Outstanding Professors and Researchers
  • EB-1-3 - Multinational Executives and Managers
  • EB-2 - Members of professions with advanced degrees, meaning a Master's degree or equivalent. Candidates must complete a labor certification process
  • EB-2 (NIW) - Individuals who can show national significance to their skills. Labor Certification process is not a requirement
  • EB-3 - Skilled workers who must complete the labor certification process
  • EB-4 - Religious Workers and Ministers
  • EB-5 - Involves investment of at least $500,000 in a target investment area or at least $1 million in a non-target investment area


  • Family Based Petitions
  • Adjustment of Status

Non-Immigrant Visas

  • B1/B2 - Visitors for Business or Pleasure
  • H-1B -Temporary workers in a specialty occupation who have a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent
  • L-1 - Managers of multinational companies and specialized knowledge workers
  • E-1/E-2 - Investor nationals of certain countries who have treaties with the U.S
  • E-3 - Certain Specialty Occupational Professional from Australia
  • TN - Special visas for nationals of Canada and Mexico under NAFTA
  • K-1 - Fiancè visas
  • F-1 - Student visas
  • H-2B - Temporary workers not in specialty occupations
  • H-3 - Trainee visas
  • J-1 - Exchange Visitor's visas for scholars, medical residents, professors and researchers, specialist, job trainees, and others
  • R-1 - Religious workers both ordained and non-ordained
  • O-1 - Extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, education, or business
  • P-1/P-3 - For athletes, artists, and entertainers


  • Removal Proceedings
  • Immigration Bond
  • DOL Audits
  • Provisional Waivers
  • Dream Act


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