E-2 Treaty Investor Visa – Source to Boost US Economy

E-2 Treaty Investor Visa – Source to Boost US Economy

One of my best preferences among the various investment visa categories is always E-2 Treaty

Investor visa. Though it is available to several country nationals which includes several South

Asian, Arab, African, European and number of other countries. The best possibility available to

invest money as the foreign investment in the affordable amount and get benefit of investor visa

for main investor, dependent spouse, and children under the age of 21 years.

Spouse is eligible for work authorization and can work in any type of business or even set up

own business.

There is a strong need to add in more countries into the E-2 country list. The treaty country listed

currently are 80 or so in the list with most recent addition in the form of Israel. There is a strong

need to add in more countries, two of the candidates being India and China, and many Arab

countries with highly potential to do foreign investment in the US business and boost economy,

create employments and generate revenue and taxes. Brazil and Indonesia are also missing.

Interestingly, third-country citizenship in order to qualify for an E-2 visa is a growing trend.

Some of our clients from India and China for example, received citizenship in countries like

Grenade or Canada before we successfully obtained E-2 visas for them.

Our law firm proudly boost our success rate in processing E-2 visas for several nationalities.

Finally, I believe E-2 visa holders should have a path to legal permanent residency — something

that doesn’t exist now in any straightforward way. Many E-2 visa holders have been in the U.S.

for decades. If they have children who were born here, those children, once they turn 21, would

be able to petition for their parents.

Foreign investments are highly encouraged by the US government as they can be very strong

source of economic boost and business development in the USA which in turn can generate

revenue, taxes, and employment within the USA.

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