Najla Abu-Shaaban
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Najla Abu-Shaaban
Of Counsel Attorney
Najla Abu-Shaaban has practiced law since 2008. She has worked in the Oil and Gas industry as well as with private parties defending various legal issues.

She has advocated for clients against insurance companies during catastrophes such as Harvey in 2017 and for plaintiffs in car accidental injuries. She has also helped protect their family assets in times of death and hardship.

She has also worked with immigration issues ranging from political asylums to family-based petitions for marriages, engagements, adoptions, and more.

Najla Abu-Shaaban volunteers for international non-profits such as the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to promote continuous support for these women and children while managing to shield their identities for their own safety.  She continues to help women who have been left alone to support their children.  She continues to do this now focusing on children whose schools have been compromised during war.

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